Master1 Molecular & Cellular Biology

M1 Molecular and cellular biology
Training in cellular and molecular biology with an emphasis on experimentation


The "Molecular & cellular Biology" Master's degree is a core M1 course for around 70 students with a bachelor's degree in life sciences or equivalent. It gives access to one of the 7 M2 courses in the Biology Master's program. Courses are taught in English, making it possible to welcome non-French-speaking foreign students or to help French-speaking students progress in English, as English is essential for further study and professional integration.
Master 1 provides a solid grounding in biochemistry and cell biology, which is essential whatever your future career path as an engineer or researcher. In addition to the standard courses and tutorials, the first semester of M1 is distinguished by a strong emphasis on the experimental approach (UE "Driving Experimentation in Biology", 18 ECTS), which will enable you to carry out a mini research project throughout the semester, with the help of multidisciplinary tutors. You will carry out this research project for 3 weeks at the Centre Universitaire de Biologie Expérimentale, equipped with a wide range of equipment including fluorescence microscopes, flow cytometers, SDS-PAGE, western blot and molecular biology platforms, spectrophotometers and spectrofluorimeters, oxygraphs...
The second semester of M1 will naturally lead you towards your future speciality, as you will be able to start choosing and studying subjects related to the course you wish to follow in M2: oncology, microbiology, immunology, neurology, structural biology, etc... During this second semester, you will be required to read and present several scientific articles, which will enable you to familiarize yourself with the many technical developments used in research laboratories.
M1 includes a 2-month internship (April-May), giving you solid experience of the professional world.
During your M1 year, you will develop skills in project management, experimental data analysis and oral and written presentation.

M2 programmes

The Master 1 MCB leads to the following M2 courses, enabling you to start a scientific career in academic laboratories or in R&D for private companies.
It can also be followed by a sales-oriented M2.
Published on  August 28, 2023
Updated on August 28, 2023