Structural Biology of Pathogens

Deciphering the structure of viruses will enable us to understand their infection mechanism...

Grenoble is at the cutting edge of structural biology

The master of Structural Biology of Pathogens SBP aims to guide students through several revolutions of structural biology, (such as Cryo-EM and Artificial Intelligence). The foundation of the master rests on biochemistry, biophysics, and molecular biology, forming the heart of knowledge for our students. The program provides an exceptional learning environment, offering access to notorious Grenoble institutes including IBS, CEA, IAB and CERMAV, as well as cutting-edge facilities such as ESRF, ILL , and international institutes like EMBL.
Students will have the opportunity to explore the molecular level through our state-of-the-art 3D teaching room, where they will learn advanced techniques in structural biology from experts in various domains such as X-ray crystallography, Cryo-EM, NMR, and single-molecule techniques. Throughout the program, SBP students will investigate the vanguard of structural biology and its application through real-world examples involving different pathogens. By understanding the molecular mechanisms used by these pathogens to replicate or hijack the host cell, students take the crucial first step towards comprehending, preventing, and curing diseases. The importance of studying biomolecules at the atomic level to enhance their properties, block them, or exploit them for our benefit has been recognized by more than seven Nobel Prizes in the last decade. By the end of this master’s program, students will possess a comprehensive understanding of the experimental approaches employed in structurally characterizing biomolecules.
This training will prepare them to embark on a PhD project in the field of Integrated Structural Biology, equipped with the skills and expertise necessary for cutting-edge research.

Organisation of the course

The first semester is devoted to lectures given by researchers and lecturers specialising in structural biology. These courses will enable you to achieve a high level of expertise in the most recent technologies for structural studies of macromolecules. Presentations of recent publications by students will help you hone your skills and critical thinking.
The second semester is dedicated to a 6-month internship in a laboratory on the Grenoble site or in another structural biology laboratory. Internships carried out in the Grenoble science park (CEA, IBS) will enable you to apply for the M2 GRAL scholarship (see eligibility conditions).

Published on  August 23, 2023
Updated on August 25, 2023