Application to PLANT-Int

Surface of Petal in SEM

Students may apply to PLANT-Int from either UGA or UNIMI. They will then register twice, at both UGA and UniMi. The university to which the application is made will be the home institution, while the other university will be the host institution. The identity of the home university has no impact on the degrees obtained: students will ultimately obtain two master's degrees, one from UGA and one from UniMi.

Where should you apply?

Bachelor's degree Graduates from UGA or UNIMI should apply through their University of origin.
Students coming from other universities (in France, Italy or abroad) shall choose their future home institution, UGA or UNIMI, and apply to the PLANT-Int Master only through this university.
The application's procedure via the UGA are identical for the biology and plant biology masters courses.

English level

A B2 level in English is required in order to follow the courses in the best possible conditions. Students who do not have B2 certification will take an English test at the start of the academic year and, if necessary, will have to follow an English course during the 1st semester of M1.

Tuition fees

Once admitted to the Master's programme, students must enrol at both universities. They pay tuition fees at the home university but are exempt from paying tuition fees at the host university.
Published on  April 4, 2018
Updated on August 23, 2023