CHB graduate school

The Masters in Biology and Plant Biology are part of the UGA Graduate School of Chemistry, Biology and Health (CBH Graduate School), which offers students an excellent education combining research and interdisciplinarity, a rich campus life and international experience. The CBH Graduate School supports students from the time they start their Master's degree right through to their thesis and/or professional integration. Which majors are involved?

Master of Biology:
  • M1 Molecular & Cellular Biology
  • M2 Physiology Epigenetics Development & Cancer
  • M2 Neurosciences
  • M2 Microbiology Infectious Diseases & Immunology
  • M2 Structural Biology
Master of Plant Biology: PLANTA-International
To find out about all the support available to Master's students (mobility grants, support for student projects, mentoring, events, PhD opportunities), visit our website CBH school
Published on  June 26, 2023
Updated on February 27, 2024