Applications and Registration

Application to the first year of the Master in Biology (M1)

Application to the Master in Biology and Plant Biology requieres a Bachelor of Sciences, in Biology or Chemistry fields or equivalent. A B2-level in English is expected for specialties taughed in english. Admission is effective after preselection by a admission board common for the specialties.
Application rules may vary depending your nationalty and the country you are living in.

More information about application files:

Admission to the second year of the Master in Biology (M2)

Admission in the Master of Biology is possible after on-file selection for student already belonging 60 ECTS from another Master program.
Admission directly in the 2bd year of the Master of Plant Biology is not possible.

Special rules for PLANT-Int

Because PLANT-Int belongs to a joined program with University of Milan (UNIMI), some additional rules are carried out for application.
Published on  May 30, 2016
Updated on June 27, 2023