Depending on your profile, you may apply to:
  • GRAL Fellowship (Labex): The candidates should be interested in any of the research topics proposed by groups associated with the GRAL program at BIG or IBS. The successful candidates will receive a scholarship that covers the 2d year of Master.
  • IDEX Fellowships: Open to students currently enrolled in a university outside France and who apply a Master program at UGA. Applicants can either apply to the 1st or/and 2d year of Master. Selection will mainly take into account academic record and material situation of the candidate.
  • Eiffel Scholarships: Established by the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, they aim to attract top foreign students to enrol in french Master programs, and to boost applications from emerging countries.
Published on  January 23, 2018
Updated on January 29, 2018