Internships Master of Biology

The Master 1 and 2 programmes include an internship in a laboratory or company, the aim of which is to train students through research and to integrate them into a professional environment.
These internships enable you to progress in a variety of scientific field and are essential to improve the following skills:
  •     autonomy
  •     time and resources management
  •     writing (by writing the final report)
  •     oral presentation (via the final oral presentation)

Internships need an agreement which is signed between the UGA and the host laboratory(ies) or company(ies). You will be supervised by researchers or professionals who participate in the assessment of the work carried out. Internship reports are then assessed by a Major (M1) or Speciality (M2) jury. In addition, an oral presentation enables the jury to assess the student's scientific maturity, theoretical knowledge and autonomy in working on the project.

Master 1 internship

It lasts a minimum of two months (44 working days), but can last up to 5 months if there is an agreement with the host laboratory or company. The internship may be carried out in France or abroad. It is an integral part of the course and credits 6 ECTS. The internship is not paid for up to 44 working days. If longer than 44 days, the internship will be paid at 4.05 euros/hour (Frensch law/The paiment is not mendatory if the internship is performed abroad). Internships start in march, after the exams of the second semester.
Internship proposals

Master 2 internships

All master 2  programmes include a 6-month internship (January to June for the research programmes (MIDI, PhEDC, SBP, NN), schedule may vary for the Pro programmes (pro2Bio, ST, BiotechCo). The internship may take place in France or abroad.

The Master 2 internship (27 ECTS) is an important part of the programme. For M2 Research students, it enables them to assess their capacity for a research career and help them to decide if pursuing a doctoral thesis. For M2 Pro students, this is an end-of-studies internship, enabling them to enter the professional world and test their skills. They are most often hired in the companies where they realise their internship.
Internship proposals

Published on  August 25, 2023
Updated on August 25, 2023