Towards a career as a biotech engineer

The M2 "Pro2Bio" programme, as a  2nd year of the Master's degree in Biology, offers students with an M1 in the fields of immunology, microbiology and infectiology the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills essential for the job of Research & Development engineer in biotechnology companies. Pro2Bio provides academic and professional training during the first semester followed by a 6-month internship in a private company. The main professional objectives of the "Pro2Bio" programme are to train professionals capable of developing and implementing strategies for developing projects, products and services in the biotechnology field.
On completion of the Master's, graduates will be able to take up jobs as research engineers, research managers or project managers in the same companies.

Organisation of the course

The first semester of M2 provides an opportunity to strengthen fundamental knowledge in biology, based on the MIDI research pathway (immunology and microbiology courses). The 'Pro2bio' programme also includes specific teaching units ('Project management', 'Business ecosystem' , strategy, policy, marketing of innovation companies, 'Professional openness'), which enable students to acquire operational managerial skills for managing innovative projects. The long-term internship enables students to learn about Research  & Development in the business environment of biotechnology field (start-ups or big companies), and to adapt to the targeted objectives of applied research, its economic constraints and deadlines.

Published on  August 23, 2023
Updated on September 29, 2023