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Why studying in the Master of Biology at UGA ?
The Master's in Biology is a 2-year course designed for students with a Bachelor's degree in Life Sciences or Biochemistry/Chemistry-Biology who wish to obtain a very high level of training in molecular and cellular biology. The course is taught entirely in English from the first to the second year and welcomes French and international students, providing a rich and diverse scientific and cultural interaction.

 Testimonials from students of the Master of Biology

The Master's in Biology is based on the main areas of biomedical research in Grenoble. The first year of the Masters is entitled "Molecular & Cellular Biology" (MCB). It provides a solid grounding in Cellular Biology, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry and gives access to one of the 7 specialisation programmes in Master 2.
schéma parcours
4 programmes are very strongly "research" oriented and very often lead to the pursuit of doctoral studies:
  • Programme "Physiology, Epigenetics, Differentiation & Cancer, (PhEDC)
  • Programme  "Microbiology, Infectious Diseases & Immunologie (MIDI)
  • Programme "Neurosciences & Neurobiology (NN)
  • Programme "Structural Biology of Pathogens (SBP)

Pro2Bio programme allows you to acquire the skills needed to work as a research and development engineer in biotechnology companies, combining scientific and professional training (project management, business ecosystem: strategy, policy, marketing of innovation companies) and professional exposure:). It is strongly linked to MIDI courses.

  • Programme Pro2Bio (partially taught in French)

Finally, two programmes offer dual training in Biology and Commerce:

  •     Biology and Marketing Techniques (BioTechCo) (taught in French)
  •     Sciences Trading (ST) (taught in English)
Published on  August 25, 2023
Updated on August 29, 2023