Biologie et commerce international

Objectives of the training

The BioTechCo Master's degree is a work-linked training that trains technical sales engineers with a dual skill set: high-level scientific skills /management sciences, and sales techniques that enable them to conduct successful sales negotiations.
The courses are taught in French at the University by academics and professionals. They are enriched by in-company training during the internship. The course is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the market and professionals.

Graduates go on to become technical sales engineers, account managers, business developers, marketing managers, etc.

Work-linked training

The work-linked training enables students to acquire and develop a solid grounding in sales, marketing, finance, accounting, business strategy and promotion through the product sold, and to consolidate their scientific knowledge in targeted areas of the professional sectors.
The BioTechCo work-linked training course (apprenticeship or professional training contract) is also available as part of continuing education (capitalisable training modules) and through the Validation d'Acquis d'Expériences (accreditation of prior experience).


The technical sales representative is a professional whose scientific and technical knowledge enables him or her to provide customers with practical and effective solutions.

Published on  August 23, 2023
Updated on August 25, 2023