Planning you Internships

Master 1 Internship

It lasts at least 2 months (April- May, except for the PLANT-Int specialty for which it is scheduled in Jannuary-February), but can be extended to 5 months during summer break. Depending on the specialty, the Master 1 Internship is validated with 6 to 9 ECTS.

Master 2 Internship

It lasts 6 months (January to June, but the dates can differ within the "Pro" specialties).
The Master 2 Internship (27 ECTS) constitutes an important part of the curriculum. Depending on the specialty, it allows for the student to evaluate his/her skills, habilities and will for pursuing toward a career in research with a doctorate. The Master 2 Internship can also be considered as a study closing internship that will allow them to further move to a professional career in which they will used the acquired skills.
Published on  January 23, 2018
Updated on January 23, 2018