Science Trading

Trading in Biosciences


Consecutively to a 4 year training in biological sciences at the University the students beneficiate of a 1 year training in trading. They learn how to promote the scientific solutions which are proposed by French or foreign companies to their clients and users in the domains of health, environment, chemistry and in an international context.

Teaching Organization

Dual skills in Commerce and Science are the target.
Professional and academic teachers teach in this professional Master.
Business Cases, Real Commercial Project, Sales and Marketing are useful to understand how to deal with customers everywhere in the world.

Three main deals are reached:
  1. Science : To understand the scientific activities of the clients,
  2. Commerce : To explain and propose the scientific and technical information to the various partners of the sale and purchasing chain (scientists; users; purchasers; quality controllers, …).
  3. Communication : commercial communication in order to be able to listen, ask questions and provide adequate solutions; promote their company on the internet; adapt the markets acquisition strategies to various cultures and countries.
Publié le  12 décembre 2017
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