Microbiology - Infectious Deseases - Immunology

T cells attacking a cancer cell

Scientific and professional objectives

The objectives of the 2 year "Microbiology-Infectious Diseases and Immunology – " (MIDI) Master program are:
  1. to train the enrolled students in the complementary fields of Immunology, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, complemented by knowledges in Health Technologies;
  2. to train the enrolled students in developing a research project (writing up the proposal, undertaking the project by complementary experimental approaches, reporting the obtained results both orally and as a scientific article);
  3. to introduce the enrolled students to their future professional environment, in particular by long training periods (2 months during the M1 and 6 months during the M2) in a research laboratories.

At the end of this 2 years Master program, the students should be able to undertake a PhD program in the fields of Immunology, Microbiology or Infectious Diseases, or become an engineer in one of the aforementioned fields.

Publié le  12 décembre 2017
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