Application to PLANT-Int

Fluroescent tagging in root (© Y. Jaillais CNRS)

General rules for application

Students may apply to PLANT-Int from either UGA or UNIMI. General rules and requirements for application to the Master in Biology from UGA are applicable for PLANT-Int.
However, Plant-Int requires double registration to both  UGA or UNIMI. One of these institution will be defined as home institution, generally the one through which the application is submitted. The other university is considered as host institution.
After preselection according general home institution rules, final cross validation by both home and host institution is required.

Where should you apply?

Bachelor's degree Graduates from UGA or UNIMI should apply through their University of origin.
Students coming from other universities (in France, Italy or abroad) shall choose their future home institution, UGA or UNIMI, and apply to the PLANT-Int Master only through this university.

If UGA is chosen as home institution, applications are to be submitted either through the e-candidat sofware or Campus France during the official call for applications period (from March to May every year).

Applications are made up of:
  • prior transcripts of records
  • CV
  • statement of interest
  • reference letter
  • ID card
All shortlisted applicants are then invited to come to UGA for an interview (or via a conference-call). Admission is effective after assessment and approval by UGA's admission board.

English level

Eventhough not mandatory, students are expected to have a B2-level in English at registration. If they do not hold such a level, they will be offered a Scientific English course as part of the PLANT-Int teaching programme during the first semester at UGA.

Tuition fees

After admission, registration to both universities (UGA and UNIMI) is required, but tuition fees are due only to the home institution. However, specific programe fees covering Plant-Int programme management may be asked at UGA.

Fellowships and Scholarships:

  • IDEX Fellowships: for candidates currently enrolled in a university outside France. Selection mainly takes into account academic record and material situation.
  • Eiffel Scholarships: to encourage foreign students from emerging countries to enrol in french Master programs.
  • GRAL Fellowships: for candidates interested in research internships proposed by groups associated with the GRAL programme at BIG. Applies to the 2d year of Master.
Published on  December 29, 2017
Updated on July 17, 2018